Top 5 Drinks to detoxify your body

At this precise moment, an immense amount of toxins is deposited in your body. Although you can not see them, they are taking care of real havoc in your body. For starters, they are hindering the correct functioning of your body and, as if that were not enough, you are being prevented from losing those kilos that you so much want to lose.

So, how about you start your day with one of these detox drinks ? These will help you eliminate toxins from your body and will provide a great variety of vitamins and minerals.

# 1 Pineapple and mango
Do you want to know the best way to start your day? Well, with a delicious pineapple and mango smoothie ! This will recharge your body of vitamins and minerals and will benefit you with its powerful antioxidant properties . These will protect your body from the damage that free radicals continuously exert and, consequently, will rejuvenate your appearance. Once you have incorporated this shake to your mornings, you will have taken off several years!

# 2 Green leaves
This is a proposal for the brave. It consists of liquefying the varieties of green leaves that you like the most – they can be cabbage, spinach, arugula …-. These will take care of keeping your body well hydrated and this is key to effective detoxification and radiant skin.

# 3 Green tea
When it comes to detoxification, green seems to be very beneficial – and green tea is no exception. For millions of years, green tea has been recognized in countless cultures for its incredible health benefits . So drink it alone or with the citrus that you like the most. In this way, you will accelerate the rhythm of your metabolism, increase your intake of potassium and fiber, and enhance the detoxification process.

# 4 Watermelon
The preparation of this smoothie is very simple and it will not take you more than a few minutes. You should only mix 2 slices of watermelon, 1 lemon, a couple of mint leaves and fresh water. This drink not only will allow you to get rid of those odious toxins, but also will favor the functioning of your liver and your kidneys.

# 5 Lemon
Lemonade is a great ally of the detoxification of the organism – especially if you drink hot. So squeeze half a lemon in 2 cups of warm water and drink it before breakfast. If you are short on time, you always have the possibility to prepare the lemonade at night, so that in the morning you only have to warm it up for a few minutes.



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