5 Tips : How To Wash Sport Leggings

How and how many times do you have to wash your gym leggings to remove dirt? Dylan Jong, sales manager of the Azolra sports brand , suggests things to do (and things not to do) when doing laundry with sportswear . Here are her precious tips for washing your gym clothes or running , both in technical fabrics and natural fibers .

1. Wash your leggings after every workout

If you do not need to wash your jeans every week, the same habit does not apply to leggings.

“My recommendation is to wash them after every workout because the bacteria that cause the bad smell can clog the pores and promote infections”


2. There is a reason for washing instructions

If you have felted a wool sweater or accidentally washed a silk jacket in the washing machine, you will have regretted not having read the label with the washing instructions.Every sports garment is made up of different fabrics that require dedicated washing. The suggestion to wash technical clothing is to use cold water and not even remotely consider using the dryer. “Hot water ruins the fabrics and shrinks them” ..

3. Forget the softener

Softener, stain removers and perfumes are not taken into consideration, because they leave white residues on your leggings, especially on technical fabrics. This is due to the chemicals that remain trapped between the fibers of the fabric. Ultimately, a good wash with the classic detergent is much better.


4. Separate the colors

Fluo pink, electric blue and dark purple: sportswear is available in a true rainbow of eclectic colors, but when it comes to washing them, it separates the colors. “White and light colors can be washed together, but separated by dark colors”.

Also, if possible, any garment with a zip (sports leggings and bras) should be washed in a laundry bag. States that “the zips can rub against the fabrics and cause garments to wear or the shot effect”.

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5. Eliminate odors with white vinegar

If you’ve worn a freshly washed top and it looks like you still smell, do not worry, it’s not your fault. Sometimes the technical leaders retain the smells. The solution? Before washing them in the washing machine, immerse them in a basin of cold water and add half a cup of white vinegar for 15-30 minutes.


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